Saturday 7

on a Monday. That's about right, isn't it?!

1. Rachel and I finished our hike last weekend in great spirits. I only got two small blisters, which for me, was great. Side note: I really need to get better hiking shoes ...but I'm in denial. ;) I tell myself I'm still just breaking them in (because I just got them last spring) which is SO RECENTLY but they have put in over 40 miles if they're not broken in yet, I'm not sure they ever will be. I think the problem is that the boots are great, but they are lightweight and not meant for hiking over boulders and rock trails for hours and hours. Oh well. The hike itself was fabulous (although we ended up on a detour that added 3-4 miles unexpected miles to our trek) and the rain that was supposed to happen all day Sunday didn't show till Monday so we were very pleased about that. 22 more miles down and many more to go!

2. My twin nieces turned 6 last week and I took the girls down to Philly for their ballet-themed party. They had so much fun ... it's just so fun to see all the kids growing up! They all play together so well.

3. Hallie started horseback riding lessons. She took a half-hour lesson to start and came home proclaiming that she is already ready to move up to hour-long lessons. haha. She's riding my sister's horse Cappy, who is a kind old gentle horse, perfect for learning. And he still loves jumping, so that's a bonus!

4. I've been having issues with all of our appliances (dishwasher, microwave, oven) for the past few months but was in denial (is this a theme!? I think I just hate spending money.) Anyway, I finally decided to have Sears come out and repair the dishwasher and oven (the microwave somehow miraculously started working properly again) and it's been fantastic. As the main person who uses these items, and as the only person who really knows/ notices when they are not working properly, its soooo nice to have everything working as it should!

5. I kind of want to try yoga. Do any of you reading this do yoga? I've been realizing lately that I am not as flexible as I used to be (although maybe it's just the hike working itself out, lol) ... anyway, I thought yoga might be the thing I need to fix it. I've never tried it before so I'm a little intimidated. I probably will not do anything about it and just be stiff, haha. Not sure I realistically have time to throw at flexibility/ yoga classes right now.

6. Will started his first "real" job last weekend-- he's washing dishes at the cafe down the street on Saturdays. He came home after 5 hours totally exhausted, lol.  He is excited to be earning $$ and is a hard worker, so I'm sure he will do great!

7. Next week Dan's parents come to visit (yay!!) and Dan and I are heading to California for the weekend (yay!!!) This is a 15th and 16th anniversary trip rolled into one. I'm sure we will have a great time. :)


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