Saturday 7

Posting on a Tuesday! ahhhhh that feels right. ;)

1. Last week was a blur! Dan's parents arrived Tuesday so I spent Monday doing school and then running around trying to get all our ducks in a row. Tristan has been asking me for two weeks to get him a haircut, so clearly not totally on top of things yet.

2. We had a lovely visit with my inlaws! (The big kids were off school on Friday, and I picked them up early on Weds. so they didn't miss out too much. :)) The weather was perfect and the trees are just about at their peak color... so beautiful.

3. Dan and I left Thursday at noon for Philly... headed to Cali for the weekend! We got to MN just fine and then, in a comedy of errors, sat for 153 min. on the tarmac, before we finally got off en route to Orange County.

4. We arrived around 10:30p and just squeaked into the rental car place before they closed at 11. We rented a convertible Camaro (which was FUN!!!) We got to the Airbnb and crashed and then (thanks to the 3-hr time change) were out the door running early the next day! We were right near the beaches (Laguna Beach, Newport Beach) and it was PERFECT. Sunny, high 70's, open roads, hair blowing in the wind, gorgeous coastline, amazing food... (also, side note: traveling without kids is AMAZING.)

5. FOOD. We found an amazing french breakfast place... also got seafood as much as possible. (Dan did anyway. ;)) On our last night we ate at a seafood place right on the pier in San Clemente. (We drive the Pacific Coast Highway all the way down and it was literally to die for.) I was in a perpetual state of bliss! (Even though I only ate veggie fettuccine alfredo, haha ;)) It's like a whole different country out there. There is so much money in that area... you see so many insanely expensive cars and homes ...and the endless stores and restaurants... it's just crazy! Everything's so accessible and the diversity is amazing (sadly so unlike what I'm used to here in NEPA.)

6. My cousin/BFF Rebecca lives in Long Beach (not far from where we were), and I had randomly been texting with her hubby on Friday, the first morning we were there. I wasn't going to try to see her (it being our anniversary getaway and all...) but Dan was so sweet and insisted we try to surprise her for her birthday (which was Saturday.) So Anupam and I set up a dinner surprise at a sushi place (her favorite one, it turned out) and she was totally and completely surprised. It was fantastic! We all just sat and ate sushi and laughed and talked for over 3 hours... it was just perfect.

7. We flew home first thing Sunday morning. The trip was so short and yet so full of fun and good memories... I hope we can go back, maybe in 4 years for our 20th. ;) Next weekend we are going camping... so stay tuned for that fun adventure update next week! :)


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