Sunday 7

posting on the actual weekend... progress. ;)

1. The first presidential debate happened on Monday... did anyone watch it? I've watched literally zero post-debate analysis since then but my thoughts about it are many and nuanced. Still on the #NeverTrump train and hoping that Johnson is allowed to debate next time. I don't love him/his platform either, but at this point, I think anyone besides Trump or Hillary is a win for America.

2. Dan was gone in PHL for swat team training much of the week. When that happens I am usually exhausted and in bed by 9:30. Four kids in a zillion (ok not that many) activities leaves me with my head spinning, (more mentally than physically tired.) Only one month left of soccer season and then we get three weeknights at home back and home cooked family dinners resume. Right now we're eating together at best twice a week and that also mentally tires me. Apparently I'm more of a 1960's house wife than I would have thought, haha.

3. Hallie is loving horseback riding and I'm so happy for her! It's so rewarding to find an activity you love and that loves you back.... like me and hiking. I'm sure most people think hauling 20 (30?) pounds on your back while hiking 20+ miles of hilly terrain is crazy. But whatever, because I love it, and hobbies are all about discovering what you love and doing THAT!

4. Thursday night Dan and I went to a fundraiser for CASA (our county's "court-appointed special advocates" ... they work to make sure kids in foster care get the legal care possible.) I'm not a huge fundraiser girl but it ended up being a fun night because we left early and went out to eat! So bonus date night. :) I feel like even if I cant give my kids 100%, they will still be ok, because... well tbh all the odds are pretty much stacked in their favor. (and the grace of God, but you know what I mean.) For kids in foster care, even 10% of someone's time can be what makes or breaks their entire future. And that's kind of a big deal, you know? Right now, (with two kids still home full-time) I'm not really positioned to do much, but in the future, it's definitely on my radar.

5. Will has started dishwashing at our local cafe... did I mention this before? I feel like I did. Anyway,  he worked 7.5 hours on Saturday! I'm so proud of him and his hard work ethic. He also gets paid $8+ an hour, so he's gonna be Mr. Moneybags here shortly. ;)

6. Podcasts! Anyone listen to Malcolm Gladwell's one called Revisionist History? I find it fascinating. I particularly loved the 3-part mini series he did in the middle of the season starting with "Carlos Doesn't Remember." (yes, underprivileged kids is a recurring theme of topics I care about!) Also anyone listen to Seminary Dropout? My favorite recent episodes have been with guests Christine Caine on Shame, Immigration and Freedom and Lisa Sharon Harper on The Very Good Gospel: How Everything Wrong Can be Made Right. Also: I love discussions with my whole heart so if anyone has anything to say on any of the above, please do comment! ;)

7. Yesterday was a very a-typically slow Saturday around here. I took Olivia to her soccer game in the morning and then spent the rest of the day at home. I was miraculously caught up on laundry and cleaning, so I read a bit (currently reading the old fave "I Capture the Castle") and then Hallie and I made pumpkin choco-chip muffins and I made homemade bread and potato corn chowder for dinner. (Even though I am home a lot of the time, I feel like I am always so busy! School! Laundry! Cleaning! Kid activities!) So it was such a treat to be home and have time to be able to make yummy treats for my family. (I guess I actually am a 1960's housewife, lol.)


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