Sunday 7

1. This week has flown by! I knew it would after I'd been gone most of last week, but really. Here we are at the end of October and at the end of our travels!... until next month. ;)

2. Last week was just a whole bunch of catch up for me. Schoolwork, cooking, dog to the groomer, soccer practices (though we're done now-- hooray!) and that twice-yearly evil: switching over the kids seasonal clothes. Which, really, needs its own number...

3. Switching out the kids' clothes! Gah! I always start small... I think to myself, I won't tackle it all; I'll just do this one little part, right here... and then 6 days later, after 4 kids closets have been overhauled and rooms decluttered and rearranged (and several meltdowns later... on all our parts...) we are ready to go for another new season. This year I actually sorted the outgrown stuff of the older two and boxed it up for the younger two in a couple years. I always save most of their stuff to hand down but I don't usually sort it by size as I go... I think this new system will be a big help to me next spring. We shall see. I love being done  with the process; and actually, the work of overhauling I don't mind overall; the problem is that it quickly becomes an enormous project that takes over all my free time. This also means we are eating rather crummy dinners for a week, as I am so engrossed that I'm popping out of closets at 5pm, with nary a thought of food for the family...It's so nice to be done though! I also went through all our snow gear, so I know what we need when we head to Cabela's on our annual pilgrimage in a few weeks. ;)

4. I've rearranged our living room furniture as well. It must have been all the upstairs work that got me going! I don't touch anything for a year, and then suddenly I'm buzzing around like a tornado. LOL. My poor family. ;)

5. Tristan's soccer team entered a tournament last weekend, and improbably, they are advancing to the semifinals next weekend! They had a decent season, but after losing their first tournament game (and now being the leaders of the "losers" bracket) they are one game away from playing the  winner of the winner's bracket for the top spot! Their second game got rained out today but they will likely make it up this week. Tristan has a great encouraging spirit and celebrates all his teammates'  achievements as if they were his own. He is incredibly enthusiastic and puts his whole heart into the game. It's super cute!

6. I'm currently reading Hillbilly Elegy, and really enjoying it. It was recommended to me by several people I trust with book recs and it has not disappointed! I'm about 2/3 the way through and have to fight the urge to pick it up when I know I need to be doing other things... that's the sign of a good book!

7. Last night was our community night of halloween trick or treating. Will was Harambe the gorilla and carried a sign saying "gorillas have rights too". LOL. (He totally came up with the whole thing on his own; he's incredibly creative and funny!) Hallie glued rolls of smarties on a pair of old sweat pants and went as "smarty pants". Tristan was a viking and Olivia wore me down and went as a witch... but a good witch. Have you seen Wicked? haha. It was so much fun. Ten host houses had candy for the kids and food and drinks for the adults and after we caravanned around the neighborhood, we ended the night at a neighbor's house for more food, drinks, and a bonfire. It's this kind of night that makes me so thankful to live in our small, kind community! It was easy and chill, full of laughter and friends... so much fun... totally my kind of night. :)


  1. "It was recommended to me by several people I trust with book recs and it has not disappointed." I think I know at least one who never disappoints us! ;)


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