Saturday 7

1. Well we have a new president! I don't think it's any secret that I was not (am not?) a Trump fan. There are soooo many aspects to his campaign... who he is...  things he's said and done... who he surrounds himself with... that I am not a fan of. But it is what it is, and I am committed to supporting the president, whoever it is, and for praying for him. But I absolutely will stay in the game and call out problematic material if and when it arises. You're welcome. ;)

2. The kids had a half day Thursday before their day off Friday. I helped with my first-ever PTO volunteer hour (I know, I'm lame), distributing chocolate from the school's fundraiser. Before that, I had first-quarter parent-teacher conferences and (drumroll please) both kids made the honor roll! I was so happy for Hallie; Will makes it every quarter, but this was her first time and she worked hard for it... I'm just super happy for her. She also was the top seller in the whole school with the chocolate (big thanks to everyone who bought from her!) and earned a fitbit, which she has proudly worn every day this week, tracking her progress on the iPad religiously. :)

3. I met a friend for lunch last week while my younger kids were at gym class. I got the most amazing sandwich: a tuna melt with tomato, jalapeƱos, and swiss cheese on sourdough. It was delish. That is all.

4. My friend (above) mentioned over lunch that she is almost done with her Christmas shopping. I nearly choked ... then shared that (at that point) I had not bought a single present. So I have been doing my amazon thing since then... I really really dislike shopping and am at my christmas happiest when I can click my way through an order, close my laptop, and pick up my latest novel for the remainder of the evening.

5. I finished my Nov. embroidery hoop today! I love and I'm so happy with how it turned out, except for two things. One, due to how I placed the text on the hoop, I had to move one of the pencil-drawn leaves over slightly, and I can't figure out how to get the pencil lines out of the fabric. Two, I accidentally used a cheapie thread on a few berries in the design, and when I ran the hoop under water to wash out the tracing ink, the thread bled and now I have red dye on the hoop background. Grr. I've learned my lesson with the thread (and the pencil!) but it doesn't fix this one... oh well.

6. I'm reading a Gentleman in Moscow and loving it. Amor Towles wrote the runaway hit Rules of Civility last year, (which despite all the hoopla and checking it out of the library!) I never read, but I probably will after this!

7. I turned 35 on Sunday! It was so nice that it happened to fall on a weekend day, as we were able to spend the whole day together a family. We went for a hike, Dan & I took a nap, I read & sewed, I did no dishes or laundry, we went out for dinner... it was the perfect day. :)


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