Saturday 7

1. Yesterday I was in town running errands and the car said it was 71˚. Today we have 6" of snow. Yesterday I sat in the sun sewing while I chatted with Dan while he washed the car; he was in a t-shirt and I was wearing a thin long sleeve shirt. Today I went outside in a flannel shirt and my down winter coat and I was freezing. SO sad fall is over! We have a lot of months of weather ahead. *sigh*

2. I've been meaning to find a new PCP for awhile since my much-loved doctor retired a couple years ago. I finally bit the bullet and got a recommendation from a friend and went for a physical on Weds. She was great-- so friendly and helpful and said I should feel free to email her anytime for any reason. What a relief! Finding good doctors is so hard.

3. Dan and Will went to Haiti for three days at the end of the week. Dan was asked to do some security work for his old employer and we decided to pull Will out of school and let him go too. They had a good time (although Will was up sick in the middle of the night last night so ... hopefully it's a one-time thing and he didn't bring home any nasty bugs).

4. Yesterday we had a birthday party for Olivia-- her first official birthday party with friends. She is by far our most social child so it was no surprise that her invite list included 17 people! We decided to go with a low-key party with simple decorations (balloons and streamers for the win!) and simple food (hi, pizza pasta bake and veggie tray!) and invited them all. We didn't have fancy invites or party games or a "theme"... but we had a piñata and an ice cream cake and a house full of kids who love Olivia and they had the best time for three straight hours! Tristan and the boys had a nerf war in the yard and the girls did karaoke and played games. Olivia went to bed happy and celebrated... we are sure thankful for her presence in our lives! Hard to believe she'll officially be 7 in a week.

5. There is a build-a-bear workshop at a mall about an hour away from us. None of our kids have ever been to one so I decided to take the younger three in honor of Olivia's birthday while Will and Dan were gone. They had so much fun. It's definitely overpriced for stuffed animals but the staff is great and they do a great job engaging the kids and making the whole experience fun. It's not something I would necessarily do again, but the kids love their bears and I'm glad they got to do it once. Soon they will be too old for stuffed animals...

6. Dan left tonight for an early job tomorrow morning a few hours away, and then he will be in Pittsburgh tomorrow and Tuesday. We all leave Tuesday night for Thanksgiving in Missouri! Hurrah for families and togetherness and holidays.

7. Olivia got a game called Googly Eyes for her bday and as I type this, she and the middle two are playing it together at the table in front of me. Will is lying next to me on the couch working the timer (his contribution even though he is still feeling sickish). The wind is howling around the eaves and my back porch wind chimes-- so pleasant and cheerful in summer-- sound cold and faraway, yet somehow still friendly. It is only 7:15 but outside it is fully dark, yet our home is warm and cozy. The outside wood furnace is fully stocked for the night and shortly I will take my four beautiful children upstairs and tuck them into their beds. On this Thanksgiving Eve, I am so thankful and grateful for this beautiful life I live. Thank you Jesus for all your goodness to me; may I never, ever take it for granted.


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