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Christmas Week

This has been the first year in a few that we have been home "alone" for Christmas. I have to admit, I was not at all dreading it! I cancelled everything routine on the schedule for the whole week and planned a week-long staycation. It's been fabulous so far (except for a few sick kids... but what can you do.)

The big kids had a half-day Friday so we kicked off Christmas break that afternoon. Saturday night we drove to Philly to have dinner with a bunch of my extended family on my dad's side. It was so nice to catch up with relatives I haven't seen in months! And they have the best old family traditions-- a big family feast, reading the Christmas story, lighting real candles on the tree while listening to Silent Night sung in German by an Austrian opera singer, and of course, caroling. My uncle Fred plays the organ amazingly well and he leads us in singing all our favorites. For someone like me, who adores family & traditions & holiday magic, it is a nigh…

Saturday 7 (x2)

1. We had the best trip to Honduras and Guatemala last week! We got home Monday night around 12:30am and the week since then has basically been been me trying to get back on top of laundry, homeschooling, groceries, christmas prep, etc. etc. Crazy-ville... but totally worth it!

2. Thursday Dec. 8: (My sister Emily turns 28!) On the other side of the world, we drove to Philly the night before and stayed in a airport hotel before our 6am flight out to Atlanta that morning. We arrived in San Pedro Sula around 2pm, got through customs and rented a little truck and drove 1.5 hours to Tela, a town on the northern (Caribbean) coast of Honduras.

3. Friday: We spent all day at Telamar, a resort on the ocean. I think the kids loved the lack of restrictions on the waterslides the best of all! :) We did human trains down the slide, slid backwards, upside down and on our knees. We timed each other ...and had the best time!

4. Saturday: After packing up and heading out for SPS, we ended up getting …

Saturday 7 x2

1. Last week I didn't blog because we were traveling home from spending Thanksgiving in Kansas City. We have a family tradition of emailing around our favorite memories after a get-together, and this is what I wrote:

Running and playing games with everyone in the big field  Singing our Thanksgiving hymns Eating so. much. good. food.  Talking with Shelley {my SIL} about what we’ve been reading lately Going for several exercise walks with different family members Seeing Daryl (my brother & sister in law's foster kiddo) fit seamlessly into the cousin time Playing games with adults AND kids (4 on a couch, Egyptian, Mafia, Pictionary etc!)  Meeting Cha's family (this is Dan's youngest sister, who recently remarried into step-kids) The thoughtful and intellectually challenging conversations I shared with different people
Sitting around in the evening and laughing as the Block siblings and parents reminisced about times gone by
There's so much else that I didn't write about…