Saturday 7 x2

1. Last week I didn't blog because we were traveling home from spending Thanksgiving in Kansas City. We have a family tradition of emailing around our favorite memories after a get-together, and this is what I wrote:

Running and playing games with everyone in the big field 
Singing our Thanksgiving hymns
Eating so. much. good. food. 
Talking with Shelley {my SIL} about what we’ve been reading lately
Going for several exercise walks with different family members
Seeing Daryl (my brother & sister in law's foster kiddo) fit seamlessly into the cousin time
Playing games with adults AND kids (4 on a couch, Egyptian, Mafia, Pictionary etc!) 
Meeting Cha's family (this is Dan's youngest sister, who recently remarried into step-kids)
The thoughtful and intellectually challenging conversations I shared with different people
Sitting around in the evening and laughing as the Block siblings and parents reminisced about times gone by

There's so much else that I didn't write about, but suffice it to say that I have so much to be grateful for. SO, so much. 

2. Lately I've been in Christmas scramble mode. I realized a few days after we got home from KC that since we would be leaving in 10 days for Honduras, I needed to get Anna's and Kennet's gifts squared away earlier than I usually do. Then I realized that my younger sisters would be leaving for Rwanda to see Emily & Shami before I would have enough time to mail all their gifts after we got home from seeing Anna... which meant I had an additional 7 people to purchase Christmas gifts for (and a few bday gifts as well!) and I'd need to get them all wrapped and packaged and sent to Florida before we head out. Yikes. Thankfully Amazon prime has not let me down yet and as long as everything arrives in one piece in FL, I'll be in good shape. 

3. Tonight is our annual community progressive dinner. I'm excited to see friends and neighbors I haven't seen much of since our lake days this summer! Dan got called to go to Pgh last night so he's gone all day today. Hopefully he makes it back in time for dinner! 

4. The sun is out today after a week of clouds and rain. I think I might take the kids for a hike even though the wind is whipping something fierce.  

5. We got our tree last Sunday and already have a few gifts wrapped under it. The kids LOVE Christmas season so much and it's fun to experience the magic with them. (Although I love it too... not gonna lie. ;))

6. Olivia officially turned 7 on Monday. She requested shrimp cocktail and mac n cheese for dinner and afterward we all told her what we love about her. She was beaming and adorable. (And I can't believe my BABY is seven.)

7. I met four friends I rarely see for dinner this week. We laughed and talked and cried and shared good stories and hard stories until the restaurant closed down. Good friends and laughter are such a gift. 



  2. "about what we’ve been reading lately" I totally read this in my head in Anne Bogel's voice.

    Also, only O would request something like shrimp cocktail hahah


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