Saturday 7 (x2)

1. We had the best trip to Honduras and Guatemala last week! We got home Monday night around 12:30am and the week since then has basically been been me trying to get back on top of laundry, homeschooling, groceries, christmas prep, etc. etc. Crazy-ville... but totally worth it!

2. Thursday Dec. 8: (My sister Emily turns 28!) On the other side of the world, we drove to Philly the night before and stayed in a airport hotel before our 6am flight out to Atlanta that morning. We arrived in San Pedro Sula around 2pm, got through customs and rented a little truck and drove 1.5 hours to Tela, a town on the northern (Caribbean) coast of Honduras.

3. Friday: We spent all day at Telamar, a resort on the ocean. I think the kids loved the lack of restrictions on the waterslides the best of all! :) We did human trains down the slide, slid backwards, upside down and on our knees. We timed each other ...and had the best time!

4. Saturday: After packing up and heading out for SPS, we ended up getting caught in a deluge, so we stopped and bought a tarp to put over the suitcases in the back of the truck. We then drove the hour and a half back to SPS. We stopped at Kennet's parents' house and packed up Anna's fridge and washer, and then headed out for Copan.

5. It took us way longer than the usual 3.5 hours to get to Copan, thanks to the always-reliable rush hour traffic. *sigh* But we finally made it!

6. Sunday was our last day to do anything, so we packed it full: we drove with 27 people (in our 5-seater truck) to a rural mountain church where we passed out bags of school supplies and candy to the kids. Then we drove into Guatemala to some volcanic hot springs and on our way back, stopped at the ancient Mayan ruins in Copan Ruinas. They were fabulous. My first experience with ancient ruins did not disappoint!

7. Monday: We packed up, grabbed breakfast and hit the road for SPS by 8:30am. Anna and Kennet were continuing on to her home in San Juan in Guatemala, so Dan drove the 3.5 hours back to SPS with only my limited spanish skills for navigation. Thankfully we made it just fine! Hallie and Tristan rode the whole way back in the back of the truck, playing spies... old school style! ;) We flew back through ATL to PHL and then drove home from PHL... finally getting home late that night. The trip was way too fast but it was totally worth it. It was awesome to finally meet Anna's fiance Kennet and get to see Anna on her home turf. :) Kennet is a great guy and I can't wait to have him be part of our family! I'm so happy my sisters have (so far ;)) found fantastic people to love.


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