Saturday 7 x2

1. I didn't get a post up last weekend. I think part of my problem (with consistently posting late) is that the weekends around here are the most unscheduled of all our days. I never know what we are going to be doing on any given weekend and I don't usually spend much time on the computer on the weekends. (Although... that is actually true most days so maybe that's my problem lol.)

2. Last Sunday we took the kids skiing. Thanks to our awesome homeschool ski club that meets every Weds. during Jan. and Feb., the younger two kids are just as good (if not better!) than the older two on the slopes. (I took Tristan down a black diamond for the first time and he did great!) This definitely bodes well for future years of family fun. I decided this year that it would be in my best interest to take lessons while my kids are doing theirs... I'm a self-taught snowboarder and although I've been at it for close to 10 years, my technique is... well, self-taught. ;) It was actually a lot of fun-- it was me and 5 teenagers-- and despite having to put up with the snowball fights and good-natured constant jabbing at each other, I've already improved a lot! Maybe I will be able to keep up with my own kids now. ;)

3. I'm reading a book called Evicted, about the long-term spiral effects on low-income families that evictions can have. Sobering and so outside my box of experience. It's been a great read, along the lines of Just Mercy that I read (& loved) last year. I get so frustrated with Christians who don't care about social justice issues if they don't affect THEM. Not everyone is so blessed to have a "normal" middle-class American life. We ALL have the responsibility to advocate for and look out for those who weren't given the leg up in life that we were.

4. Olivia and Tristan started basketball and cheerleading last week. Their practices are on the same night, 20 min away... two hours apart. (Of course!) But they are loving it, and really, why not add another night of playing mom taxi to my week. ;)

5. Last Sunday we hosted our annual soup cookoff. Seven neighbors brought a crockpot full of soup and everyone else brought desserts, drinks, etc. We had around 40-50 people show up, and after much discussion and a final vote, our neighbor Fred took home the trophy with his excellent Shrimp E'Touffe! (How could you not win with a soup named that. ;)) It was supposed to take place after an neighborhood hockey game on the lake, but thanks to the rain last week, the ice was slush so we just went straight to eating... never a bad thing. ;)

6. Olivia got a lego roller coaster for Christmas and Will is finally building it for her today. I bought a new 30x40 print for the mudroom wall (after the frame finally showed up from amazon!) and it will hopefully get hung today. I'm hoping to make progress on an owl embroidery I'm making for a friend. Today we will have a lazy Saturday (minus the bball/cheer games) because Dan worked 58 hours last week, so I think we all deserve it. ;)

7. That's all for now, folks. :)


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