Two Week Recap

1. Last week was our first week back to school. It was rough on all of us! Thursday was the first night I had to leave the house for running kids around for evening activities and I was in such a funk about it. Haha. Christmas break should be a monthly occurance!

2. Dan and I have been trying to be better about going on dates. We have gone out twice in the past 3 weeks and it's been so fun. We've decided to go somewhere new each time, and it's been fun researching hole in the wall places that have fun drinks and yummy food. Also the kids keep asking me when their favorite sitter can come back again, so that was kind of a kick in the pants to call her ...and get out the door! ;)

3. New years' resolutions! I love them. I have a bullet journal that I utilize and I am all set going into 2017! I aim for progress, not perfection, and try to set goals that I know are attainable if I actually put effort into it. Like... one of my goals is to workout 3x/week. I know if I aimed for 5 days a week, I would fail, and get discouraged and possibly quit altogether. But 3x/ week I know I can do! Half the battle (for me) of successfully completing goals at the end of the year is setting myself up with realistic goals at the beginning of the year. I'm feeling optimistic and ready to take on the year!

4. Yoga. I decided to (in addition to working out 3x/week) try to do yoga once or twice a week. I am seriously inflexible but I have loved the few yoga classes I've tried! I found some online yoga thing that I can stream to our appleTV. It's sad because I can't do any of the poses well (yet) and my balance is atrocious (this cracks me up, because I can snowboard just fine but I can't hold a yoga pose?! What gives?!) but I'm planning to "harness the power of incremental change over time"  ... progress can't help but follow, right?! I can sometimes talk one of the kids into doing it with me too, which is fun. :)

5. January decluttering! I got the purge bug this year and am doing this one-month declutter challenge.  It's been great so far! I have taken a bunch of stuff to Salvation Army and passed more on to friends... I don't know how STUFF seems to reproduce out of nowhere, but it sure is nice to get stuff thinned out and organized!

6. Homeschool ski club has started up again! This week the big kids had a snow day so we all (plus two friends!) hit the slopes for the day. It wasn't too cold (unlike last weekend when it was about 8* and we were out there!) and the kids had a blast. I'm working on focusing on improving my boarding technique (instead of just trying to keep up with the kids!)... hopefully it will pay off in the long run. ;)

7. Our kids are 7, 10, 11 & 13 right now. They are (mostly ;)) delightful and interesting and fun to be around. The boys and I play card games together ... Hallie and I go for pedicures & have interesting conversations, and Olivia bakes box mix brownies in the kitchen by herself. And our entire family can ski together for a day! This is what I dreamed of before I had a family, and here it is-- I'm smack in the middle of my dream. I thought I would miss the baby stage but I am SO loving this middle stage. I am so entirely grateful for this life and these people.


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