Saturday 7

1. Will went to "glow night" last night at Sky Zone (a trampoline park) with three friends from school from 8-10. This "teenagers out late doing their own thing" thing is a little weird! But he also worked 7.5 hours today washing dishes at our local cafe. He works hard and plays hard. :)

2. The younger two slept over at a friend's last night so Dan and I were home alone with Hallie for the evening. She and I watched Akeelah and the Bee-- which was really good!

3. This morning after Will left for work Hallie and I went to run errands ... and got manicures while we were at it! Seize the moment, right? We got Dunkin too... it's so much fun having a tween girl to do these things with!

4. Olivia's cheer squad happened to be cheering during Tristan's b-ball game today, which meant we could all be at Upwards for only one game! That doesn't happen often. :)

5. This afternoon after his game, Tristan and 5 neighborhood boys played hockey on the lake for a couple hours. Oh to have the energy of a 10yo boy!!

6. Tonight Dan and I are headed out on a date night. Once again the kids were nagging me about wanting their favorite sitter to come over, so we made it a date.

7. Tomorrow we are headed to church, hitting the slopes for the afternoon and then making our way to two different Super Bowl parties. I'm making two dishes of PW's Spinach Artichoke Dip, which I have not made before, but I hear is good! (Plus it's a PW recipe; how could it be bad. ;)) And just like that, *poof* our weekend will be over. But the sun was out today, and I got to sit and work on the Star Wars embroidery that Tristan requested while listening to my current audible read, Three Sisters, Three Queens ...IN THE SUN (indoors, but who cares!) :)


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