Saturday 7

1. Our church cancelled services today due to the ice storm that blew through. It was nice to have a slow-paced Sunday morning... but it didn't stop us from getting out in it for a hike this afternoon! We met us with some friends and tramped through the icy snowy forest wonderland for a couple hours. Lovely to be out, but also lovely to come back to our warm home (with the wood fire that I'd loaded up right before we left bellowing out toasty warm air that we could all crowd around. :))

2. School is going well. I can't believe we are well into February already. The big kids are thriving at their charter school up the road from us and the little ones are mostly enjoying homeschool... I think all they actually really like is reading history aloud together, haha. We recently finished The Door in the Wall and The Light at Tern Rock and I have to say, I love the literature that Sonlight has in their curriculum. I think I love the books we read just as much as the kids do! ;)

3. This weekend we head to FL for my family reunion... it will be nice to see all the extended family as well as the sun and sea for a couple days! I love the northeast and all the seasons here... but a little mid-winter break sure is nice too. :)

4. We had a valentine-making party on Friday-- three moms, 9 kids, and lots of paper, stickers, glue, paper doilies and markers! Four hours later I think it was mostly a success. Lots of people will be getting lots of fun homemade valentines so... that's a win, right??

5. What I'm reading: Still plugging along through Swing Time. Finished The Secret Keeper on audible (loved it!) and am about 1/3 into Three Sisters, Three Queens on audible and I'm loving that as well. I've pretty much switched out all my podcast listening time for audible books so that's been fun. Books just take soooooooo long to listen to-- I think Secret Keeper was like 35 hours or something ridiculous! I guess that also means I spend a ridiculous amount of time doing laundry and driving kids places (all the times I listen to books, lol.)

6. I finished a hollyhocks embroidery for Hallie and Tristan requested a Star Wars one so I made him a BB8. It turned out pretty cute. I'm now working on the February #stitchventure challenge (a different color or stitch every day.) I'm not very good at incorporating them all into one design so it's looking more like a sampler than an actual hoop! haha.

7. Yoga is going great! Dan and I have been doing it together every weekend so far this year and today I actually noticed that I am getting marginally more flexible. Yay for small progress! Of course he still cuts up and tries to make me lose my concentration so I laugh and fall over, but it's all good. :)


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