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Catch Up Post

1. I can't believe I haven't written since the middle of February! Time really got away from me there. I need to get away from trying to blog on the weekends. It is never convenient since Dan is home and we are almost always busy going/doing stuff. Blogging midweek is probably more likely to succeed.... but "Saturday 7" has such a good ring to it. What am I going to call it now, the Thursday Three? Ugh.

2. We have done a fair but of traveling since mid-Feb. We were in FL for a long weekend which was SO nice. Sun, and sand and sea fixes most winter-y things (temporarily, anyway :)) The following weekend some dear friends from RI visited, and we went snow tubing and had a blast together. We also took the kids skiing in VT for a weekend in March... it's so much stinking FUN having kids who are all able to do things (like ski) and to be able to have family time all together like that... such a blessing.

3. Dan was gone in Pittsburgh for two weeks recently, the first …