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Fall Catchall

The past few months have been so good.

The kids have settled into their school routines, and I'm finding my days to be just as full as they were in my homeschooling days (someone tell me how that is possible!)

I've started doing hot yoga, and I have found that it has been great for my body and brain.

I finished my six-week CASA training course. My exit interview is this week; I will be sworn in in mid-January and assigned a case after that.

We put up our tree yesterday so things are in full Christmas-mode around here. The kids are more into Christmas this year than I remember them being. It's so fun! We're headed to NYC for the day in a couple weeks to do the whole Christmas in the City thing, which was actually the kids idea as well. Hopefully it is fun and full of good memories and not a total mob scene, haha.

We got a cat (re-homed from our family in MO) and she (named Hobbes) is doing great! We are also getting a puppy next weekend who will be named Calvin... becau…